Welcome to the home of Catseye Recovery, A Motorsport Association licenced recovery unit.  We are base in the North West of England on The Wirral penninsular between North Wales and Liverpool.  We cover mainly North and Mid Wales upto the Lake District and can be found as far flung as Scotland, Yorkshire and even the Isle Of Man supporting Motorsport events such as Rallying, Production Car Trials, Speed and Hill Climbs.  We also support other events such as Motorfests and Display Days.

Our main responsibility is to provide recovery of vehicles that have left the described route through mechanical breakdown or running out of road.  We also do allot of side by side training with Rescue units so that when on the scene of a significant incident we can assist the rescue unit to deal with the incident.  This maybe through simply fending off the incident to supplying an extra pair of hands and legs to get and pass equipment from the rescue unit.  We also provide stabalisation and support to the vehicle where its needed to make sure that any extrication of casualties can be done as safetly as possible without any more movement of the vehicle than is neccesary.

We are currently constructing our new website so there is not too much to see here at the moment but we will be adding more and more content over the near future.

We are taking bookings if you would like us to cover your event please drop us an email as early as possible as dates fill up fast.

If you would like more information then please dont hesitate to drop us an email.