Mitsubishi L200 4x4

Motorsport UK govern the rules on the type of vehicle that can be used for Recovery and the minimum equipment to be carried. The key word is minimum, we carry not only the minimum items carried but we carry many many items that make various aspects of our role easier and promote safety not just for our crew but also for competitors and to enable a safe and effective damage free recovery of the vehicle. We also work with other safety teams on non motorsport events so some equipment might seem over the top but as its available to us it makes sense to keep it on board the unit.  As the old saying goes " its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it"


Our recovery unit is a 2012 Mitsubishi L200 crew cab pickup truck. This gives us the ability to carry our crew and all our equipment with ease and gives us enough space to carry additional crew and equipment as neede

On any event communications is key, we carry a range of modern equipment to keep us in contact with event controllers, our teams and our crew when on a large scale incident. We use a simoco 9030 VHF Lowband Radio for MSUK Safety & Medical. A Simoco 9020 for VHF High Band. A Motorola DM4601 for UHF. We also carry Motorola DP3400 hand held radios with in vehicle charger for crew comms.


When tasked by control to a car it helps if we know were we are and were we are going. For this we carry a selection of paper maps including OS maps. We also have digital OS mapping available on our android head unit, an android tablet and also a Panasonic CF-19 Tough Book PC.


We carry a comprehensive warning light package on our vehicle so that it is both visible when responding to an incident and while on scene. This comprises of a full size LED lightbar, grille lights, rear low level mounted LED lights, LED strobe lights in rear light clusters and front and rear fend off lighting. All lights are individually switched so we can use just was is needed at any given time. Being LED it also helps with power management.


We carry a number of items to make a scene safe for ourselves and any other members of the safety team such as rescue or medical. Warning Triangles for advance warning. Barrier tape. Powder & AFF Powder Extinguishers. Fluid Spill Kit. Rope access for steep banks. Bow saw and pruning saw for dealing with smaller trees and branches. Portable lighting and torches for lighting the work area and confined spaces.


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Catseye Rescue is a voluntary organisation formed in 2018, and currently has 4 active members that operates a licenced registered Motorsport Rescue Unit which provides rescue and medical cover for a wide range of events throughout the United Kingdom.


 Motorsport Rescue Units are licensed by Motorsport UK  (MSUK) the governing body for motorsport in the UK. MSUK specifies the minimum levels of rescue and medical equipment that a licensed Rescue Units must carry. MSUK carry out regular inspections of Motorsport Rescue units to ensure that standards are maintained.


 Catseye Motorsport Rescue carries a selection of hydraulic powered tools that can cut and spread and battery and 220 Volt reciprocating saws that allow us to free a trapped competitor from their car.  This is similar to that carried by the UK Fire and Rescue services.  The medical equipment carried is similar to that carried by an NHS ambulance and includes a defibrillator.


 Catseye Motorsport Rescue operates an ex-BARC Renualt Master ambulance and is based in Altrincham, the volunteer crew members are based throughout the UK.